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Resources for Employees and Employers

http://threadsoflife.ca/for-families/ Threads of Life – Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support


Shepell - Employee and Family Assistance Programs


HR Council – HR Toolkit for Employers 

http://www.beststart.org/resources/wrkplc_health/pdf/preg_work_16pg_FNL.pdf How To Be A Family Friendly Workplace: Policies and Practices That Help Families (Best Start Resource Centre- Ontario)

http://www.caregiversalberta.ca/ Caregivers Association of Alberta

Investing in people with barriers = Investing in your Company

People with barriers are represented in every sector or industry in our economy. Barriers to employment can take many forms – diagnosed disabilities, low literacy and physical illness to name a few. There are myths in the community and business world that it is charity when you give someone with a barrier a chance. Check out Don't Lower the Bar, Mark Wafer to find out the myths that surround that way of thinking and why they are wrong.


  • Mark Wafer: Enabling the Disabled
    Deaf from birth, Mark is more than just an advocate for people with disabilities. He understands the business advantages that his more than 40 disabled employees bring to his bottom line. This is a video.
  • Employment Matters
    Explores the untapped market and huge potential of the intellectually disabled in the workplace.
  • A Parents Journey
    Interview with parents of a son with a disability.

Interesting and useful websites for Employees and Employers

  • Literacy and Essential Skills – Federal
    The nine essential skills - reading, writing, oral communication, document use, numeracy, technology, working together, thinking skills and life-long learning are key to success in work, family and community. This site has information for employees, employers and the community. It also includes essential skills profiles which list different occupations and the skills necessary to do that job.
  • McBride Career Services
    Assist unemployed, Alberta individuals to achieve and retain meaningful employment opportunities, assist working Albertans to identify steps required toward job and career goals and to support the hiring, training, developing and retention of capable employees.
  • Literacy and the Workplace
    resources for workplace training
  • Hire Program
    Work with participants (18 years and older) to develop skills and techniques to overcome barriers, to be confident and to be contribute to their work place.
  • Foothills Employment First
    An inclusive, innovative youth (aged 14-30) initiative created to assist individuals across pan disabilities gain meaningful and rewarding work.
  • Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS)
    Key information and resources to help create a productive, competitive and safe working environment, whether you're an employee, employer or human resources and career development professional
  • Plain Clear Language
    A communication is in clear language if the language, structure, and design are so clear that the intended audience can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information. All business and agencies should be aware of their use of words, structure and message when communicating with their employees, customers and to the public.
  • Community Futures Highwood
    Offers supports to adults with developmental disabilities who reside in the municipal districts of Foothills and Wheatland County in the province of Alberta.


  • My Information and Guidelines (PDF - 225 KB) | My Information and Guidelines (MS Word - 21 KB)
    A framework to help you understand forms and a place to keep your personal and work information with you when applying for work, going to the Doctor and other day to day activities.
  • Work a Day Tips
    Three major workplace issues have been identified as being important to successful employment for people with invisible challenges. This document outlines the 3 issues and provides strategies.
  • Parents Can Help Teach!
    Parents can have a great deal of influence of their child's career choice. Children need skills to be successful and this article provides some strategies that parents can do within everyday life.

For more resources and support for the workplace check out the partners in the Work a Day Program.